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How Do You Get A Ping Pong Ball Out Of The Drain?

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If you have children, you probably already know that mysterious objects can find their way into your sink drains. Ping pong balls may be one of them. Figuring out how to remove the ball from the drain may pose a challenge, but there are several creative ways to get the job done. If you have a ping pong ball partially blocking your drain, try these cool tricks for getting it out.

Super Glue to The Rescue

Everyone knows that super glue has the power to bond to nearly any object, including your fingers. If the top of the ping pong ball is dry, or you can dry it off easily, using super glue to create a handle may solve your problems. Use a dowel, pencil or even a stick from a tree outside to make a handle for lifting the ping pong ball out of the drain. The stick should be long enough to reach the ball and still extend above the drain by several inches. Place a dab of glue onto the stick and gently press it against the ping pong ball. Let the glue dry for a minute or two to create a strong bond. Gently pull the ball out of the drain with the handle.

A Vacuum Extraction

You may be able to remove the ping pong ball with a powerful shop vac, but don't try this with your household vacuum cleaner as the water in the drain poses a risk of electrical shock or electrocution. Insert the hose of the vacuum cleaner into the drain and turn it on. If the ping pong ball is free-floating in the drain, the force of the vacuum should cause it to stick to the end of the hose. Pull upward gently to ease the ping pong ball out of the drain. You may need to make several attempts as the ball may be knocked loose if it touches the sides of the drain.

Duct Tape Recovery

Attach a thick wad of duct tape to the end of a dowel or the back end of a screwdriver and use it to grab and remove the ping pong ball. Depending on the amount of resistance, duct tape may be all you need to pull the ball from the drain.

Power Tool Connections

If you are a whiz with power tools, you may be able to remove the ping pong ball from the drain by drilling a tiny hole in it and attaching a screw. If the ball can be reached with the drill bit and it is fairly stationary, this trick may solve your problem. Drill a hole in the ball and screw the tip of a long screw into the hole until it is secure. Slowly pull the ping pong ball out of the drain.

A Fishing Excursion

Use an old coat hanger to fashion a hook to retrieve the ball. If there is enough room around the ball to slide the coat hanger along the side, you may be able to fish the ball out with the hook. This may take several attempts, as the ball will slip and slide as you try to remove it.

Trap Removal

If all else fails, removing the trap beneath the sink will give you access to push the ping pong ball through the pipe. Once the trap is removed, use a dowel or other thin, straight object to push the ping pong ball through the pipe and into the bucket below. If you do not feel comfortable tackling this task, call a local plumber from a company like High Speed Plumbing Inc.

Removing a ping pong ball from the drain may take multiple tries with several methods, but with persistence, you can remove it yourself.