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Yes, Virginia, There Are Alligators In The Sewers: Things Plumbers Really Do Find In Their Daily Work

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While websites like may say that alligators in sewers are myths, that is really only half true. Plumbers who work in city sewers have come across all kinds of creatures and the most bizarre of objects in their lines of work. The truth is, if it is small enough to be flushed or slither into a sewer drain, it could be in the sewer. It could make its way up a pipe drain too. Here is how some of the myths are born of true events.

Snakes in Toilets

Snakes can, and do, find their way into the sewers and then up into toilet bowls. They are some of the only creatures who can twist and bend their bodies enough to get through the toilet traps to get into the bowls in the first place. While a plumber may be the first person you call to get a snake out of your toilet bowl, you may actually want to call animal control instead, since there is really nothing a plumber can do about the snake and your toilet really is not broken because of the snake's presence.

Flushed Pets

While there may not be live alligators in sewers, there are certainly no end of flushed pets. Usually this is an abundance of goldfish and other fish, but other small pets, such as rodents like mice and hamsters or even kittens, sometimes get flushed down a toilet. Frogs, newts, toads, salamanders and other amphibians or reptiles that manage to survive the overwhelming fumes and cocktails of waste may be seen moving about in sewer tunnels as well, especially if the tunnels have not been used in some time and have been closed off completely or just closed off for repairs.

Rats and Roaches

Rats and roaches seem to be the only creatures that are quite immune to the stink of the sewers. They run and swim all over the place, completely oblivious to the feces floating next to them or the urine pools through which they crawl. Plumbers have to be especially careful in areas where there have been noted surges in roach and/or rat populations, since these pests carry many of their own diseases, and swimming and crawling through human waste only adds to the number of diseases they can spread through bites and scratches. In these instances, plumbers may be accompanied by pest control experts, who will attempt to put down traps and/or spray to help decrease the problems in these sections of the sewers.