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Porta Potty Use Tips That Eliminate Smells At Wedding Receptions

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Outdoor wedding receptions are a great way to celebrate this wonderful union, and renting porta potties for this experience is often crucial to ensure there are bathroom facilities for your guests. However, without properly maintaining them, they can start to smell or be more difficult to use. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to keep porta potties smelling great and to make them easier to use. Follow these tips:

Rent Multiple Units

People holding wedding receptions often make the mistake of renting a single unit for the day. While this will help them save money, it increases the chance of smells and long waiting lines. As porta potties are relatively inexpensive to rent (as little as $175 per unit for a whole weekend), there is no reason to rent only one.

After all, porta potties are designed to hold only so much waste. While their holding container is large enough for dozens of people, a large wedding reception could have many more people going multiple times. Frankly, it isn't the toilet's fault that it smells in this situation, but that of the person who rented only one.

Make Sure They Are Treated To Smell Nice

As porta potties get used during a wedding reception, it is only natural that they may start to smell. However, people who rent them often ignore the powerful benefit of deodorizers and don't purchase them. This is obviously a serious mistake. Porta potties are designed to work with deodorizers to eliminate smells and avoid lingering odors.

As a result, those holding a wedding reception need to pay a little extra to have their toilets treated with these deodorizing products. These products come in a variety of different scents, making it fun to match them with the wedding theme. For example, if the bride is a huge fan of cherries, a cherry scent can make the porta potty unified with the reception.

Positioning Is Also Crucial

Location is one of the most important aspects of proper porta potty use. Placing them away from the reception is an important way of avoiding smells. However, they should also be close enough so that people at the reception don't have to walk excessively far to use the facilities. The chosen location also needs to be level and in a dry place to ensure the porta potty doesn't tip.

Another good placement tip is to put them near a location where a lot of foot traffic is anticipated. For example, placing them near (but not too close to smell!) the beer tent or food area will streamline the bathroom experience by putting them in a centralized area. Wedding receptions can often last all day, so guests deserve to have a bathroom nearby.

By following these simple guidelines, a person can keep their wedding reception from smelling bad. They will also streamline the use of their porta potty use and make their guests more comfortable and happy.