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Guilty! A Look At Common Storm Drain Cloggers And How To Nab Them

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The storm drains you have on your business property have a hugely important job. When the rain pours down, these drains keep your parking area and the rest of your business property from being overflooded with water. Unfortunately, storm drain clogs are one of the most common reasons business owners have to contact a drain cleaning service for help.

If you are constantly in the same boat (and possibly in need of a boat to get across your property), there is a pretty good chance there are some guilty drain cloggers making your life harder. Check out some of the usual guilty parties in the lineup of common storm drain cloggers so you can nab them and see fewer problems.

Debris from Trees

If clogs are a constant issue with your storm drains, take a good hard look at the landscaping that surrounds your place of business. Debris from trees can be a major reason for storm drains to get clogged repeatedly. Some types of trees, such as pine trees that are constantly shedding needles and pinecones, will litter your business property with all kinds of junk that will get washed down the drain when it rains. If the trees are the problem, you will need to be more tentative to regular landscape maintenance or eliminate the trees by having them removed.


As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time chasing trash in your parking lot, but it never really ends. People are just plain litterbugs if left in a position where they can freely leave trash anywhere it lands. All the trash, whether it is cigarette butts and plastic bags or fast food containers, can and will make its way into your storm drain system and cause all kinds of problems. To combat the neverending trash battle, there are a few things you can do, including:

  • Make sure you have conveniently located trash receptacles on your property
  • Install signs reminding visitors not to litter 
  • Implement rules regarding how litterbugs will be handled (For example, a $50 fine for all litterers)


Keeping your parking area in excellent condition is important for more than just aesthetic purposes. If your parking lot is deteriorating, it means bits and pieces of asphalt and concrete will wash away when there is a lot of rain. When this aggregate ends up in your storm drains, it definitely blocks the flow of water. Therefore, keeping your business property free of gravel and bits of concrete is really important. 

Contact your local drain cleaning services for more information and assistance.