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How Do You Know If You Need A Backflow Preventer?

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If there is something about how the water systems are set up on your property that encourages water or wastewater to flow back into or toward the potable water lines, it can be a major concern as a property owner. This issue is referred to as backflow by professionals, and it really is a common occurrence; however, not all homeowners completely recognize they have a backflow problem. Plus, even if they see the symptoms of a backflow issue, they don't often know what's to blame. The key to preventing backflow is the installation of a backflow preventer. How do you know if you need a backflow preventer? Here are a few ideas to help you figure it out.

Your clean water supplies look murky or cloudy

Backflow doesn't always show up as unsightly sewage or muddy water in your tub; in most cases, signs of a backflow problem will be so slight that you will hardly notice, which can make the issue even more dangerous. Check the water supplies from your faucet and look for cloudy or somewhat murky water. If you do see the water is slightly discolored, it is best to have a plumber inspect to determine if backflow is causing the problem and whether you do need a preventor. 

Your neighbors have backflow preventors and you don't

Backflow preventors are not necessary for all settings. However, you can get a pretty good idea of whether or not you should have preventors in place by talking to your close neighbors. If you find out that the bulk of them have been tested for backflow and did have to have preventors installed on their property, there is a good chance that you should as well. Of course, there will always be exceptions, especially if the closest neighbors you have are down the road or on a different plane than you. 

Your city government officials advise backflow preventors be installed

A lot of issues with backflow will come not just from the position of the house, but also from how the public water system works in your location. It is not uncommon for local governments to let the residents in the area know that backflow prevention is something they may need to look into, so if you are certain your local government has done so, you should have your property checked out. If you are not sure about backflow issues and warnings, check with the local water company for information. 

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