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Potential Floor Drain Issues to Be Aware Of

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Malfunctioning floor drains can be very nasty things because they can leave you stranded and unable to deal with standing water in your house. That is why you should be aware of the way your floor drains work and how they may be affected. Here are some of the potential problems with floor drains:

Debris Blockage

Clogging due to debris is probably the most common floor drain issue. Typical debris that clog floor drains includes hair, pet dander or fur, food particles, renovation debris, and even dust particles tracked through the house by shoes. The debris may pass through the drain opening but then fail to pass through the drain pipes. If that happens, they will trap other smaller debris that may have otherwise passed through the pipe, eventually leading to serious clogging that may lead to the dreaded drain overflows. Prevent clogging by ensuring the drain trap/screen is always there and limiting the debris that goes down the drain, for example, by not rinsing construction tools in the house.

Pipe Corrosion

In some cases, you may also have floor drain issues because the drain pipes are corroded and the corrosion has constricted their diameters. This is usually a problem with very old plumbing systems that rely on metallic pipes. The risk of corrosion is also high if:

  • The water you use is slightly acidic
  • You use hot water a lot and most of it flows through the drains
  • There are lots of minerals in the water
  • The drain system is made from dissimilar pieces of metals

Pipe Crystallization

Crystallization has the same effect as rust buildup in that it reduces the internal diameters of your drain pipes. However, crystallization and corrosion are caused by different things because crystallization is the creation and growth of crystals within the pipes. Some of the substances that increase the risk of crystallization include sugar, urine, soap, and mineral deposits in the water. It is not easy to prevent crystallization, but it can usually be cleared away by a drain specialist once it builds up.

Issues Further Down the Line

Lastly, there are also cases where floor drain issues are created by problems further down the drainage line or even in the main sewer line. For example, tree damage or breakage in the main sewer line may prevent all drains from your house from flowing. In such a case, your floor drain will also overflow along with the other drains.

Hopefully, you won't be dealing with any of these issues in the near future. Consult a plumber or drain professional like R Acres Plumbing Company LLC to help you unblock or fix your drain lines if they are acting up.