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What Are Some Potential Consequences Of Neglecting Drain Cleaning?

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Many homeowners fail to realize the importance of drain cleaning. Some individuals opt to try to clear their own drains with liquid drain cleaning products which can actually do more harm than good. Many of these products are corrosive and can damage the inner portions of plumbing systems. Some plumbers strongly discourage the use of these types of products due to to the risks of plumbing damages. The following points will help you to understand the potential consequences of not getting drain cleaning services.

Offensive Odors

When drains are not cleaned, it allows bacteria and other organic materials to sit in drains. These substances eventually will begin to smell. It is also possible for black mold to form in drains. Do not make the mistake of pouring things such as bleach down drains. These cleaning liquids will not travel deep into your drains. This means that you will only solve the problem at a surface level. The substances and bacteria will continue to multiply deep within the system. 


When substances get trapped in plumbing systems, they create clogs. If the clogs are not cleared, they can cause pressure in pipes as water, and other materials try to pass by the clogs. Some substances may adhere to the clogs making the clogged material bigger. Ruptured pipes can result in water damage, which can be an expensive remediation.

Sanitary Concerns

If contaminated water cannot get past a clog, it will eventually back up in drain lines. This contaminated water may back up in toilets and cause them to overflow. It can also back up in sinks and bathtubs. Exposure to contaminated water can make you and your family sick. The bacteria-filled water can also require a special type of clean-up if it has human waste in it.  

Poor Function

Ignoring signs of drain issues can cause significant plumbing problems. Perhaps you have tried a few things that have seemed to clear your drains, but the problems likely returned. This is because most things that homeowners do are only temporary fixes. Most drain issues are deep within drain lines. 

A plumber is a good resource to use to understand more consequences of neglecting your drains. They have numerous tools and procedures available to ensure that your drains are free and clear. For example, augers which are also referred to as "snakes" are used to clear clogs that are in the system, but augers can only reach a certain depth in drains. Therefore, services such as hydro-jetting are available to force gunk and clogs that are located deep within plumbing systems.