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5 Ways Your Plumber Can Help You Conserve Water And Save Money

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Water is a finite resource. For those on a municipal water supply, you can save money on your monthly bill by working with a plumbing installation service to install some of the features below in your home. 

1. Low Flow Toilet: How old is your toilet? Older toilets in America can use up to seven gallons per flush, while a low flow version can use as little as 1.28 gallons. If the difference is so much, why doesn't everyone switch? The concern, obviously, is that low flow toilets do not have enough power per flush to completely remove solids. There are, however, toilets on the market that have a dual flush mode, meaning two different options for flushing. These versions use one button for low flow and another for solids with more power.

2. Tankless Hot Water Heater: While traditional hot water tanks do not waster water, they do waste energy — a lot of energy. Standard hot water tanks heat up to 50 gallons of water and hold it at that high temperature until you need it. So all day while you are at work, your hot water tank is consuming energy to keep that water hot. Conversely, a tankless system simply heats up what you need, when you need it. Depending on your water usage, the model you choose, and where you install it, a tankless, on-demand system can save up to 50% of your current energy costs.  

3. Low Flow Shower Head: For most people, the words 'low flow shower head' conjure up images of weak sprays and conditioner that won't rinse out of their hair. Today's models, however, are vastly different than what is imagined. Most models aerate the water, meaning air is added to the water as it leaves the shower head, creating force while using less water. Talk to your plumber about the best model that he or she recommends to clients.  

4. Fix the Leaks: Leaks are the greatest source of wasted water in your home. In fact, leaky faucets and toilet that don't stop running waste over one trillion gallons of water each year in the United States. Yes, trillion with a 'T'. That's a ton of water down the drain when a simple call to your favorite plumber could help solve the problem.  

5. Rainwater Harvesting: Believe it or not, rain water harvesting, or the act of collecting water as it falls and runs off your roof, is illegal in many parts of the country. Check to see if it is legal in your area here. If it is, you can use a cistern to store rainwater and then re-use it to water the plants in your garden over time.