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Radiant Floor Heat? 3 Reasons To Consider This Upgrade For Your Home

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When most homeowners consider making improvements to their home's heating system, they rarely think beyond replacing an existing furnace with a newer model. However, when this happens, these homeowners may be missing out on important benefits that may be obtainable by opting to use a less well-known source of heat, such as radiant floor heat. 

If you are a homeowner who is considering an upgrade to their home's current heating system, here are three real benefits of using radiant floor heating that you may not have previously known. 

Healthier for allergy sufferers

If your family includes one or more members who suffer from allergies, it is important that you understand the potential discomfort they may experience when using standard forced air-furnaces as heating sources.

As the name implies, a forced-air furnace uses a fan to force heated air through a system of ducts to heat the entire home. If allergens are present, the forced-air action is capable of collecting and redistributing them throughout the home. For example, allergens like pet dander can be moved from the area pets spend time to all rooms of the home, even those where family members with allergies sleep. 

Because heat naturally rises without the need for fans, radiant floor heating does not need fans to collect and redistribute heat that may be contaminated with allergens. This means that allergy sufferers will be less apt to be subjected to pet dander and other irritants in their home.

Greater comfort for humans and pets

The heated floor surface created by a radiant heating system can solve problems with cold floors that can be uncomfortable for both human and animal occupants of the home. This is especially helpful for older occupants that may suffer from arthritis or circulation issues that cause their feet and legs to feel uncomfortably cold. Radiant heat flooring can also be beneficial for elderly dogs and cats who are drawn to nap on the warm surface. 

Ultra-low maintenance requirements

Homeowners who admit to forgetting to change their furnace filter or schedule regular maintenance for their forced-air furnaces should know that radiant floor heat rarely requires any maintenance. Once installed, radiant floor heat eliminates the need to clean ducts and vents, purchase and change filters, and deal with the repair and replacement of electrical components, fans, and belts. Thermostatically controlled, radiant floor heat is known to be reliable and capable of lasting through years of use. 

To learn more about this heat source and the benefits it could offer your home and family, contact a reputable plumbing contractor in your area who specializes in radiant floor heat, or companies like Conquer Plumbing.