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Commercial Kitchen Remodeling With A Purpose

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The manner in which your kitchen staff is able to prepare and plate food is reliant upon the kitchen's design and the type of appliances that are available. A kitchen remodeling project can aid in streamlining the amount of equipment that you own to provide a clean and functional area for your chef, line cooks, and servers to work.

Know Your Menu And Necessary Steps

Your head chef has probably memorized your restaurant's menu and the steps necessary to prepare each dish, resulting in them being a person who can aid you in creating plans for the remodeling project. During a meeting with your chef, find out their thoughts on the type of equipment that is at their disposal, any appliances or accessories that hinder their performance, and other barriers within the kitchen that tend to slow down the preparation or cooking process.

Not having adequate counter space to perform duties, dealing with water on the floor due to a poor drainage system, or needing to walk to various parts of the kitchen to complete all of the steps necessary to complete a dish may prompt you to make some drastic changes.

Choose Functionality And Simplicity

A remodeling contractor and a plumber will be overseeing the project and installing equipment within the workspace. Examine the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. If there are ingredient containers cluttering tables and countertops, maybe having some more cabinets installed inside of the kitchen will free up much-needed space.

Plumbing that is visible can affect the visuals within the kitchen, plus the plumbing will be prone to damage if anything heavy or sharp is pushed against the plumbing components. Cabinetry that is installed under the sink will conceal plumbing and will add some additional space for cleaning supplies and tools.

If a wet floor was one of the main issues that your chef voiced their concern over, requesting that the plumber installs a new drainage system will eliminate puddling that could contribute to accidents occurring while your workers are busy walking around the kitchen.

Decide which items to dispose of, including appliances that are old and worn out or any hand tools that aren't needed during meal prep and cooking sessions. Contemplate adding new backsplashes and fixtures to the sink area to aid in keeping the area clean and functional. Invest in dual-use appliances, such as a refrigerator and freezer combo unit. This type of approach will considerably reduce the amount of space that larger, full-sized appliances take up.

For more information, reach out to a kitchen remodeling contractor.