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3 Simple Ways To Tell When Your Home's Plumbing Pipes Need Repairs

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Plumbing pipes and their related infrastructure are typically installed in the walls and underground. Plumbers hide the pipes during installation because it is the best way to minimize possible damage to the pipes. Also, the house looks neater when the pipes are properly hidden behind the walls. The only challenge with the design is that if there is a problem with the pipes, the homeowner will have a hard time locating it because they cannot see what is happening inside the walls. However, you will experience certain signs when your plumbing pipes are damaged and need repairs. 

Here are three ways to tell you need pipe repair services.

Contaminated Water

The first way you can tell that you have problems with your pipes is water contamination. Your water should always be clean, provided that you are getting it from the municipal council or any other safe and reliable source. If you notice that the water running out of your kitchen tap is brown, you have a possible plumbing leak. When the pipes are cracked, the water supply will come into contact with soil, leading to instances of dirty or brown water in your house. Call a plumbing repair professional to inspect your pipes and fix the problem.

Rust Spots on the Walls

The second indicator that you might have serious underlying plumbing problems in your home is the presence of rust spots on the walls. Typically, the rust starts inside the metallic parts of the pipes. A leak will transfer the rust and water onto a wall, and you might notice a brown streak or stain running down the wall. Rust spots show that you have to replace your pipes immediately. Remember that if you do not do so, you will end up with more damage on your walls.

Mysterious Cracks and Holes

Another sign that it is time to repair your plumbing is the presence of holes and cracks on your building. If your home is older and you haven't kept up with maintenance, it is not unusual to have cracks and holes. However, these are a sign of trouble because they often lead to water and mold damage. Call a plumber to repair the cracked pipes and seal holes before they become a serious complication.

The essential thing is to call a competent plumber once you realize you have issues with your plumbing pipes in your home. Timely pipe repairs will protect your home from further damage.