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Details To Help You Handle A Broken Water Main

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The water line providing water to your home is an essential element and component to your everyday life. So when your home's water main is damaged and broken, it will release pressurized water into the surrounding environment, causing damage and leaving you without access to clean water. Here is some information to help you locate and repair a broken water main line on your property.

Watch For Signs

Because your home's water source is a pretty important resource, you may already recognize some signs that your water main is broken. This can include a drop in your home's water pressure or the water pressure stops entirely. Other less obvious signs can become evident over time, such as a higher water bill than normal, especially during the winter when you may not be using extra water for your landscaping. Take a look at your home's water meter to see if it is spinning even when you are not using water. Shut off all your appliances that use water, including the dishwasher and clothes washer, and look at the water meter to see if it is moving. When you are not using any water in your home, the meter should not be moving. 

Additionally, if you notice signs in your yard's landscaping where the ground is extra wet, mushy, and swampy, this can indicate a break in the line below the soil that has saturated the area. This can often lead to a water bubble under your lawn that grows quickly in size. You may also notice water seeping into your home's foundation through the exterior water line break, which can cause extensive damage. 

Shut Off the Water

Once you have determined there is a water line break to your home's water main, shut off the water connection to your home to stop the water loss and the damage. The water line is going to be located under a round metal hatch at the edge of your property, usually with the word "water" written on the lid. The valve to shut off the water flow can be deep within the ground, and you may need a water valve shut off tool or an adjustable wrench. 

You can also contact your local water company for them to send out a technician to shut off the water for you. Let them know the water line is broken and it is an emergency situation.

Repair the Damage

A professional plumber is going to be the best option for repairs to your home water line. The water line is buried deep within the soil of your property and can extend for many feet. The repair will require excavation of the line to make the repair. However, you can request a trenchless repair to the line, which will repair the water main by inserting a new pipe through the existing broken one. This option helps reduce the excavation and keeps more of your landscaping in place.

Reach out to a professional who provides water line replacement services for more information.