Reasons You Need to Have a Plumber Check Your System

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3 Things To Know About Water Softeners

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Hard water is something that is a hassle for many homeowners. Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. While this type of water is completely safe for drinking, it can leave mineral deposits and buildup on your home’s sinks, bathtubs, and even appliances. Over time, this buildup can become difficult to remove and even affect the efficiency of certain appliances. Water softeners can remove the excess minerals from hard water and prevent this buildup from happening. Read More»

Tips For Surviving Your Kitchen Renovation

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Renovating your kitchen is a major upgrade to make to your property and, while it may cause inconvenience, the benefits can be far more important. However, proper planning can help to mitigate many of the issues that can arise when a kitchen remodeling project is underway. Start By Addressing The Most Important Goals For The Renovation Planning your kitchen renovation can be an intimidating task, as you may be unsure of where to begin. Read More»

Weird Odors In The Basement? Check The Floor Drain

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Does your basement smell a bit musty, dirty, or sewer-like, even though you can’t find any leaks or another explanation for the odors? If you are confident you do not have a sewer leak, then you may be having trouble with the floor drains. The drains could be clogged with grime, or they could have a little stagnant water in them, which is causing odors to waft through the home. Thankfully, this is a problem you can typically handle on your own by following these steps. Read More»

3 Tips To Deal With Drain Field Failures With Septic Systems

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The drain field of your septic system is something that is often forgotten about, but old lines can have problems. When your drain field begins to fail, it can lead to problems with your septic tank, and then, reach the plumbing in your home. Dealing with the problems in time can help reduce problems and the cost of repairs. Here are some tips to help with the drain field failures of your septic system to reduce the costs of repairs. Read More»

4 Ways To Prep The Plumbing In Your Home Before Going On Vacation

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Going on vacation is fun and exciting, but when you’re going to be away from home for a while, it is best to be prepared. No one wants to come home to a plumbing problem after a trip, so taking a little bit of time to give your plumbing system some attention is in your best interest. There are several things you can do to prep your plumbing system before you leave to give you peace of mind and help decrease the likelihood of problems arising, such as: Read More»

How Do You Know If You Need A Backflow Preventer?

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If there is something about how the water systems are set up on your property that encourages water or wastewater to flow back into or toward the potable water lines, it can be a major concern as a property owner. This issue is referred to as backflow by professionals, and it really is a common occurrence; however, not all homeowners completely recognize they have a backflow problem. Plus, even if they see the symptoms of a backflow issue, they don’t often know what’s to blame. Read More»

First Winter In Your Historic Home? Preventing Frozen Pipes

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You may assume that your recent purchase of a historic home with a basement means that fears of frozen pipes are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country where winter temperatures regularly dip below freezing levels, even an enclosed basement may not be enough to protect your pipes. Read on to learn more about some of the signs your pipes may be at risk, as well as what you can do to ensure a leak-free winter. Read More»

Areas To Keep Clean On The Interior & Exterior Of A House

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Keeping a house in a good condition is something that should be one of the main goals of a homeowner. The reason why is because it can prevent the need for spending thousands of dollars on repairs throughout the years. The wisest type of preventative maintenance is to keep some of the important parts of the house clean. For example, you can take advantage of numerous benefits by investing in professional drain cleaning every now and then. Read More»